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Taking a Different Approach To Chronic Disease.


One of the biggest health concerns that we treat is Diabetes Type 2, and we help people from all over the country who are tired, overweight, and sick of seeing themselves taking drugs that don’t truly help them surpass this condition. If you are one of the many individuals who wants to finally start owning your life and refusing to let this condition determine your fate, we will help you.


Here at Greater Chicago Functional Health we will leave no stone unturned to determine the underlying cause or causes of your Type II Diabetes. We will work together with your medical doctor to reduce your medications, and teach you how to have a healthier life.


This is one of our most inclusive treatment procedures that we perform for our patients, and the results for those with Diabetes Type II are spectacular. We have been performing this treatment for 29 years and have made is a skill that we excel at accomplishing.


Our Medical Team

At Greater Chicago Functional Health, we believe that every symptom is a signal from the body that points toward an underlying, and often hidden, health issue. Our medical professionals have years of training and experience, and we know how to read these signals. Our care focuses on preventing, diagnosing, and treating health problems to help you regain proper functioning.


Discover One of The First Steps Many Patients Have Taken To Beat The Odds.

To manage their condition, chronically ill patients typically follow an expensive, time-consuming regimen of drugs and hormone replacement therapy. However these treatments may not be the best course for chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes and hypothyroidism . Patients can spend the rest of their lives fighting both the disease and the side effects of medication. Many get worse over time, not better, and find themselves trapped in a vicious cycle.


We take a different approach to patients suffering from chronic illness. Our clinical model is most commonly called Functional Medicine or Functional Endocrinology.  We refer to it simply as a Functional Health Model.


A Functional Health Model uses expansive diagnostic testing, pathological and functional analysis of lab results to arrive at a comprehensive diagnosis.  In our clinic it is not enough to diagnose someone with Type 2 Diabetes or hypothyroidism as this is often quite superficial.  The more important question is what is causing the condition for the individual.


It is important to understand that patients who share the same “label” of a disease (ie. Type 2 Diabetes) often have different causes for that disease despite the perceived similarity.  The different causes for disease of course call for customized care for each individual.  This customization of care for each individual is often the difference between getting worse over time and getting better.


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