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Natural Diabetes Type II and Hypothyroidism Solutions


I have seen many type II diabetics that have given up after being told that there was nothing left for them except taking more and more drugs. It really makes me mad, because I have seen the changes on the lab reports and have seen the changes with our patients. I do not advocate for a needless prescription of more medication that the modern medical community is so reliant upon. Any doctor, especially those with experience in natural health could help you, and while many may have the basic knowledge that we do to help you overcome your Diabetes Type II, Greater Chicago Functional Health have by far and away some of the most qualified doctors and treatment providers for the specific procedure that we implement for our patients. There are some for basic, non-invasive actions that we will help you accomplish that will make your life so much better.


My message to you, today, is don’t give up. There is another way to address your diabetes problem than what you have been told. If you want more detailed information, and don’t want to speak to a doctor right at this moment, just hit the button for the free report: what do you have to lose? We will do all we can to determine what your causes of your disease are and if we can accept you as a patient. If you meet the specific criteria that we are looking for in a patient then we will gladly take you on and help you regain the life you had before Diabetes Type II.


You Don't Have To Feel Depressed, Tired or Always Hungry

Natural, effective, simple Diabetes Type II tailor made solutions for you!


Are You A Candidate For Our Program?


Listen to Your Body.

Does your Type 2 Diabetes and/or thyroid issues stress you out? Do you worry about blood sugar levels morning, noon and night? Are you tied down by insulin injections? Do you take a pile of pills for blood pressure, cholesterol and other health issues?


Do you continue to suffer with the symptoms of hypothyroid despite thyroid hormone therapy, “normal” lab results, and your health care practitioner telling you “everything looks fine”?


Is a one-drug-after-another treatment working for you?


If it isn’t working for you – if you feel tired and frustrated from simply managing your disease without ever getting better – you are not alone. Millions of type 2 diabetics and low thyroid sufferers face the same uphill battle.


But there is good news. You may be an ideal candidate for our clinical model. A model that may be able to help you reverse your condition and get you back on the road to good health. That means potentially no more expensive drugs with potentially costly side effects. We focus on what is causing your condition and work to support your body’s ability to restore normal function.


Call 630-796-4470 today to see if you qualify for a FREE consultation.


Or if you would like more information you can request one of our FREE REPORTS or FREE LUNCH & LEARN by submitting the form below.


Discover One Of The First Steps Many Patients Have Taken To Beat The Odds.

To manage their condition, chronically ill patients typically follow an expensive, time-consuming regimen of drugs and hormone replacement therapy. However these treatments may not be the best course for chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes and hypothyroidism . Patients can spend the rest of their lives fighting both the disease and the side effects of medication. Many get worse over time, not better, and find themselves trapped in a vicious cycle.


We take a different approach to patients suffering from chronic illness. Our clinical model is most commonly called Functional Medicine or Functional Endocrinology.  We refer to it simply as a Functional Health Model.


A Functional Health Model uses expansive diagnostic testing, pathological and functional analysis of lab results to arrive at a comprehensive diagnosis.  In our clinic it is not enough to diagnose someone with Type 2 Diabetes or hypothyroidism as this is often quite superficial.  The more important question is what is causing the condition for the individual.


It is important to understand that patients who share the same “label” of a disease (ie. Type 2 Diabetes) often have different causes for that disease despite the perceived similarity.  The different causes for disease of course call for customized care for each individual.  This customization of care for each individual is often the difference between getting worse over time and getting better.

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